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PA Sound Hire

Every package is fully customisable – we can add more speakers, a range of monitors and wedges, larger or smaller analogue or digital mixing desks, specialist DJ kit, the headline act’s favourite microphone, and more. We are also able to deliver and setup all systems for competitive rates nationwide.


Leap Audio work with a variety of reputable and cutting edge brands such as Powersoft, Sennheiser, Allen and Heath, Pioneer, Technics and more.


Our core hire stock includes equipment from Opus Audio Technologies - Hifi amplified sound on a concert scale.

A Loudspeaker brand specified by Olivier Award winning sound designers and installed into numerous prestigious venues worldwide.

Should you have any extra requirements or want to tailor a pa system hire to your needs and budget, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise and help.

Thunder Ridge speaker hire
Opus Audio speaker hire
Thunder Ridge speaker hire


Everything you need to get a show going with ease, carefully selected packages for solo artists to full band line ups.

Our hire catalogue includes microphones, stands, monitors, mixing desks, and outboard equipment such as compressors, gates and effects.


Our links with other businesses allow us to source any specialist equipment quickly.


We also stock a wide range of musical equipment like drum kits, guitar and bass backline, even foot pedals from respected brands such as Marshall, Ashdown, Peavey, Pearl, boss and many more.



High SPL speakers with exceptional resolution, transparency, sound quality and focus.

Equally at home with live music events and more than capable of handling modern electronic music at DJ shows.


These compact, point source systems come with options that allow them to scale and array effortlessly from an event of just 100 people to an audience of thousands like at outdoor festivals.

Requiring less boxes than many of competing brands.


Our hire stock includes Coaxial stage monitors, compact subwoofers, multipurpose full range loudspeakers and effortless Concert Series midtops.


Absolute HIFI sound at a concert level.



Perfect for parties, disco's and small event. These packages are proving to be among some of our most popular deals.


Quick and simple setup time, plug and play with very few cables. Instead of paying for a DJ just connect your laptop, ipod or similar device to start playing your own music selection.


Maybe you are an aspiring DJ yourself? no problem, we have a wide range of performance equipment; from CDJs and mixer to turntables and effects.


Have specific requirements or rider friendly equipment? Please contact us.

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