When you're a solo act or in a band you want to be able to concentrate on giving your best performance, not spend time worrying about whether the PA is up to the task of making you sound as great as you do in the studio. Below we have selected a few packages that are quick to set up, easy to operate and capable of delivering exactly what you need for your event.


All our equipment is of a very high quality which is reflected in our excellent reputation.

We are specialists in the live music area and can deploy larger systems to bigger events including outside festivals.


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Leap Audio Vocal PA Speaker System Hire Gloucester
Vocal PA System


2x Mackie srm450v3 full range active speakers

2x Tripod speaker stands


Built in 2 channel mixer capable of microphones and instrument


2x Shure sm58 mics with stands


1x cable for your ipod, laptop or tablet


Suitable for up to 80 people

(available as dry hire)

Day rate: £80.00

Leap Audio Band PA Speaker System Hire Gloucester
Small Band PA System


2x DBtechnologies LVX12 active speakers

2x DBtechnologies sub615 active subwoofers

2x DBtechnologies FMX12 active coaxial monitors


Includes Soundcraft EPM8

8 channel analogue mixer


Additional mics available on request


Suitable for up to 150 people

(available as dry hire)

Day rate: £180.00

Leap Audio Opus Audio Live Band Speaker Hire
Medium Band PA System


2x Opus Audio MP400 speakers 

2x Opus Audio SB118 18" bass speakers

2x Opus Audio MP400 monitors


Powersoft amplification


Includes Allen & Heath QU16 digital mixer and AR2412 stagebox


 Additional mics available on request


Suitable for up to 300 people


Day rate: £Contact us for prices

Leap Audio Opus Audio Live Band Speaker Hire
Large Band PA System

2x Opus Audio CS750 speakers 

4x Opus Audio SB215 dual 15" bass speakers

4x Opus Audio MP400 monitors


Powersoft amplification

Includes Allen & Heath SQ5 digital mixer and AR2412/AR84 stagebox


 Additional mics available on request


Suitable for up to 500 people


Day rate: £Contact us for prices

The above packages are popular recommendations but can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Need Engineers to operate your event or require additional equipment? Please contact us.

Festival Speaker PA System Hire Gloucester
Stage Monitor Hire Gloucester
Allen and Heath QU16 Digital Mixer Hire Gloucester
Outdoors Festival PA System


8x Thunder Ridge X2000 4 way Array speakers 

24x Thunder Ridge SB1000 18" bass speakers

8x Thunder Ridge WX850 stage monitors

1x Thunder Ridge 3 way Drum fill and sub

powersoft X-series amplification

Includes Allen & Heath SQ digital mixers

Active stage splitters and cabling.

 Additional mics and equipment available on request


Suitable for 3000+ people

£Contact us for pricing

Concert Monitor Package


4x Thunder Ridge WX850 coaxial 15"/2" Monitors

(High quality sound - Comparable to d&b M4)


1x Thunder Ridge MX850 coaxial 15"/2" Drum Fill

1x Thunder Ridge V-Sub 1000 18" Drum sub


2x Powersoft T604 Amplifiers

1x Patch panel

NL4 Speakon leads as required.


These can also be configured as Bi-amp on request.


Day rate: £150.00

Digital Mixer


Allen & Heath QU16 compact mixer

High quality, fully configurable and easy to operate.


16 Mono inputs (trs/xlr)

3 Stereo inputs

4 Effects engines (iLive FX library)

16 Busses

12 Mix outputs

Trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor and delay on all Inputs

Automatic mic mixing and spectrograph

31 band GEQ and PEQ on all outputs


Day rate: £50.00