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Pioneer xprs122 Hire Leap Audio
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The XPRS2 Series speakers are the result of decades of acquired knowledge and technological development. As such, it's no wonder they boast fantastic sound quality, a fully dynamic range and a durable construction.


Fill the venue with fantastic, forceful sound with the Pioneer DJ XPRS122. This extremely adaptable active speaker features a powerful in-built amp and a seriously robust construction. This, combined with the various inputs and outputs for line, microphone and Hi-Z signals, instantly turns the XRPS122 into a tour-grade bit of kit for bands and DJs alike.

Pioneer DJ have equipped the XPRS122 with a 12-inch woofer and 3-inch voice-coil combo, plus a 1-inch compression driver that comes backed up by a 1.75-inch voice-coil. Combined with the extremely efficient, 2000-Watt class D amplifier, this set-up wields the sonic might needed to effortlessly cover mid-to-large rooms - even when the acoustic are less then optimal.

Price: £30.00 each per day 
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