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LEDJ QX40 LED Flood hire Leap Audio
LEDJ QX40 Exterior Lighting Fixture

LEDJ QX40 exterior IP65 DMX lighting fixture

Equipped with 40 x 10W RGBW LEDs, the QX40 is suitable for illuminating event spaces, stages or facades, while the zone control allows lighting designers to create stunning effects. The unit utilises quad-colour LED technology to produce a wide colour spectrum from rich, primary colours through to subtle pastel hues.

PowerCON TRUE1 connectors for power input/output and also features both wired and wireless DMX by W-DMX Sweden.


Price: From £45 per unit.

Battery LED Uplighter Hire Gloucester
Battery Powered Wireless Uplighter

Rapid QB1 HEX IP is a portable battery powered uplighter outputting ultra-smooth colours from

rich saturated hues to subtle pastel shades - 4x12w RGBWAUV LEDs give a range of colour options.

The temporary outdoor rated compact and robust housing repels water, snow and dirt for all-weather applications andis easily concealable. The internal lithium battery has autonomy

of up to 18 hours in single colour mode and up to 5.5 hours of colour fading and chases, while the charging time is only 5 hours. The fixture is IP54 rated (IP65 from the top), has a powerCON TRUE1 input and features an extractable foot that allows users to adjust the tilt angle. The on-board wireless transceiver and W-DMX compatibility make for a truly cable free operation.


Price: From £20 per unit.

Festoon lighting hire Gloucestershire
Festoon Lighting
LED Festoon lighting with 5w filament for a lovely classic glow effect.

Sizes: 25m, 50m and 100m lengths with 1m spacing

IP rated for outdoor use.

16a connectors on both ends to link multiple runs together.

Day Rate: From £20.00

Festoon Pole Hire Gloucestershire, Herefordshire
Festoon Poles

2.75m height Steel festoon pole suitable for creating illuminated pathways and walkways for outdoor events and weddings.

Manufactured from steel, the pole is split into two sections for ease of transportation. To assemble the pole, simply slot the two pieces together and insert into the medium to firm ground.




Price: £Contact us for amounts required

Garden Laser Hire
Garden Laser

These garden lasers are a superb value waterproof, outdoor, red and green laser light effect. It features hundreds of bright red and green light dots that can be used to illuminate trees, plants and buildings which, makes it great for use at parties, Weddings, Halloween and Christmas.

The laser can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be controlled by a wireless remote control.

It has a durable and IP65 waterproof housing, which not only makes it particularly suitable for effective lighting near ponds and pools in gardens but also for parks, parties, on balconies and for indoor use at home.




Price: £Contact us for prices

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